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If your website is new, you should not think about sitemap that much. But if your website is old and still it is not showing clearly in search engines like Google, you must fear about having sitemap in your website. First, Sitemap is something that shows total posts and categories, images and links in your website. You need such sitemap either for easy navigation for the readers or for the search engine bots. For users, you can use any type of sitemap, while for search engine bots, you must use XML sitemaps. Do you know how much important XML sitemap is for the blog? Well, today we shall discuss about importance of sitemap for your website right away.

Sitemap for Google

Google is one large database that is able to catch each and every website and crawl through all for now. It is the best place where information of all websites are found. And also, all the websites are ranked on the basis of articles found in sitemap. In present days, Google is almost taken as super human who is able to crawl through all pages and provide right information you want. In such case, you must be able to notify all types of posts within your website and be updated.

Sitemap is Structure of Your Website

When you set up your website, you should know the exact keywords of your blog and structure all the material inside it. You should be able to highlight all the structure of your blog either through some plugins or add-ons or from Search Console. When all the structure is made, you should provide the link of sitemap to Google.

Why XML Sitemap?

Apart from XML, there are few other types of sitemap you can use, but why should you use XML sitemap? It is because XML is the only format that allows you to provide real time information along with updated time. The sitemap made from html file can never go through all the updates and recent updates, and also it is hard to know whether the file exists or not.

In addition, XML sitemaps also helps in optimizing the structure of your website along with the regular and irregular updates. Overall, we recommend you to use XML sitemap because it allows search engine bots to crawl through each and every page along with limit the crawl to certain pages as well. That’s why all website use XML sitemaps.

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