SEO Tactics for Link building now

The SEO is the only way of gaining the traffic from all around the world. The links and link building is one of the major ranking factors mentioned by Google in its latest algorithm. But one should be able to identify right amount of links so that Google never penalize the website of yours. To do so, you must know the basic tactics of link building. Today we shall cover the idea of SEO tactics for link building!

Best Way of Link Building

For building links, you must know keywords of your website. When you are able to identify those, you should search for similar website and then start commenting and provide link for your website. Wait! It is old technique which is already outdated. For now you should focus on following things so that you can easily be able to build backlinks.

Search Similar Website

If you website is about blogging, you should search for blogging site with high ranks. We too look for either MOZ or for SEO basis sites that are highly generating traffic from all around the world. You should search for similar website and write guest post. The guest posting is only legal way of getting good backlinks for your website.

Ask For Link

Asking for links never means directly asking for the exchange. It means if there is any dead links, you can ask the owner to remove and put your website link instead. Keep one thing in mind, your website should include similar article as well.

Build Your Links

Before going out and asking for links, you should be able to link to others from your post as well. If you do so, your website would rank faster and people also might link back to you. Simply add best alternative links to the words in your blog and fetch it through Google bot.

Go For Quality Rather Than Quantity

The concept of getting PR (Page Rank) through multiple backlinks is outdated. You should focus on getting qualitative link back rather than going for quantity. I must tell you, one quality link is equal to more than 100 low links.

If you are thinking of making your website premium, you should also focus on unique contents. If you do so, your post will be unique to all and people might actually link to your article more frequently. Keep in mind, before going for backlink building, you should first go for contents, internal linking and external linking.

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