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In present context, most of people have already switched from blog to vlog. Vlog in simple term is the process of making some short informational videos and then sharing it to the world. The people started using vlogs instead of blog because it is one great idea through which more and more customer could get attracted. Instead of using same old text method, people can easily get idea and information through visual concept. So, which one will you choose: Blog or Vlog? Today, we shall cover the updates about how to do Vlog and how to start doing so!

What Are Needed For Vlog?

Before making vlog, one should consider in providing all information in one video. To do so, first one should create a list of things required. When all things are placed in one side, you can start recording the things you want to show to the world.

Soon after that, you can buy some good video editing software and start editing the video. The videos must be edited so that you can provide better visual effects. And when it is done, you can share it to Video sharing platform such as YouTube and Vimeo.

What Should You Use: Blog or Vlog?

Before choosing one from these two, you should know some things that are must for both of these. We recommend you to use both types so that you can provide appropriate information in appropriate way. Here are enlisted three things that you need to consider first!

Concept Title

It simply means topic that you want to share to other people. When you have concept, you must know which platform to choose. Some topics are more suitable with some text while other could be best for videos.

If you are choosing Vlog, do not go further than two topics. As making videos for several topics are uneasier, we recommend you to go for two topics only. Going through several topics is quite easier when you choose blog. So, when your concept is hard to explain, we recommend you to go for blog rather than vlog. In some cases, the concept must have visual example. When there is concept like that, you should use vlog.

Visitors and Audience

You must be able to configure either blog or vlog in such a way that you can meet the targeted visitors or audience. Make sure you have added some metas and description that are meaningful and people most likely search about.

The visitors differ from age. If your concept is for 18+, we recommend you never use pornographic word directly. Either way, you can mention those worlds by sing asterisk. And if you are targeting people below 10, you should go for some cute words.

Concept Resources

Either it is blog or vlog, you must be able to identify what type of things you are writing or showing and have enough resources to do so. For Blog, you need domain, hosting, powerful CMS and some other tools like copyscape and grammarly. While in the case of Vlog, you need a person to explain things, video recorder, sound maker and also video editing software.

Once you get idea of all this, you can easily decide between these two!

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